In-Country Activities

In-Country Activities2018-10-01T21:51:39+00:00

In some markets it will be necessary to set up a local company and have local presence simply because some channels demand this commitment to their market.

In which case SMS can deal with the local set up.

SMS can deal with the local entity set up and it’s administrative management and provide an account manager to deal with the day to day issues.

The Account Manager would interface with you directly and report any issues and implement any solutions that may be required.

SMS can deal with payment issues directly with the buyers and help resolve any disputes along the supply chain.

Event Management

Our team have vast knowledge of Event Management from large scale events such as conferences, formal parties and concerts to Charity events in various locations around the world. The planning, scheduling, security, site selection, speakers, guest and even the decor to name just a few of the long list of task is all arranged by Sienna Market Solutions.